Südwolle Group joins bluesign® as a System Partner.

Südwolle Group has worked hard throughout 2011 to now be able to offer bluesign® certified products through all its brands.

The bluesign® standard is a comprehensive Input-Stream-Management-System covering all environment, health & safety aspects within the textile manufacturing chain.

To carry bluesign® certification, products and product lines must be manufactured at production sites that have been inspected and comply with all aspects of the bluesign® standard.

Certified products can only use approved processes and technologies (components, materials, additives etc.), giving confidence in the environmental performance of the product and its production processes. The certification also requires that the products are of exceptional quality.

The bluesign® standard meets or exceeds all common textile related standards globally. It also assists in fulfilling the criteria of various established Restricted Substance Lists.

Other Standards – We cover all bases

Südwolle Group also offer a comprehensive suite of other globally recognised quality certifications including:

  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality management across all production and administrative processes within the Südwolle Group
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system certification that can be applied to any product. This is not a textile specific programme, but requires Südwolle Group to set ecological regulations for our processes and production sites.
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) GOTS is the most globally recognised organic standard for textiles. GOTS certifies the organic status of the product, and also considers worker and consumer safety, social responsibility and chemical use.
  • IVN Best An organic certification, that is very similar to GOTS, but with slightly more strict standards in specific aspects of production.
  • OekoTex 100 (class I + II) A product specific certification that focuses on consumer safety. OekoTex tests and controls for harmful substances used in production systems.
  • EU eco-flower The Eco label of the European Union that sets basic environmental and consumer safety regulations, including water use and quality, effluent management, air emissions, consumer safety and chemical use.